SDSSU is a new member of FIMFS

by: Fabio C. Ruaza | February 11, 2020

FIMFS is an organization that had metamorphosed into a 25-member institution from the original five chartered members in 1968. The Surigao del Sur State University (SDSSU) is the new Institutional member this year in the consortium. Dr. Bernardita G. Quevedo, Asst. Campus Director and Mr. Fabio C. Ruaza, Research Head of Lianga Campus, received the plaque of membership at the Southern Leyte State University, Sogod Leyte. Also, the main requirement of the consortium is to present papers (new ideas and concepts in the field of marine sciences) every year, thus, Mr. Ruaza presented his paper entitled “Shell Microstructures of the Spondylid Species (Bivalvia: Spondylidae): Do They Have Systematic Implications? 

Composed of public and private institutions of higher learning in the Philippines that are involved in marine and freshwater sciences, the federation is committed in bringing closer partnership among institutional and individual members. The collegial sharing of research outputs, facilities, resources and expertise is central in its quest for a true partnership.

The FIMFS annual scientific convention is one of its major activities hosted in turns by institution members. The convention serves as a venue for exchange and updating of research outputs, as well as a platform for mentoring young budding scientists.