Acquaintance Party And Oath-Taking Ceremony (Faculty Club)

by: Office Of The President | August 18, 2017

A great foundation of education requires great teachers. Teachers are the ones that give our students the tools to attain success in both their personal lives and in their future careers. The goal of SDSSU is to provide its students not only with academic enrichment but also life skills.

The Faculty Club has organized this event to  welcome all the newly-hired members of the faculty of SDSSU  and to commend the dedicated efforts of the existing members of the faculty.

Teaching is an adventure.  SDSSU teachers work to make a positive difference the lives of your students and in the society. to the variety of learners that are in your care and guidance.

Dr. Baceledes R. Estal graced the event with an inspirational message to encourage everyone to work together to live up to the mission and vision of the university.