SDSSU :A Family of Unity

by: College of Arts and Sciences | October 02, 2017

Family is where love, kindness, generosity and tolerance are first expressed. Last September 29-30 ,2017 SDSSU adheres to the CSC mandate of valuing each and every member of the organization as we strengthen our family.

Sarnimian Inland Resort at Brgy Rosario, Agusan Surigao del Norte witnessed  how the key officials, faculty and staff shared their one vision to the goal of the university. The venue was filled with laughter's as each college energetically participated  to  yells and songs contest, dance contest , Ms. G Hilarious and many other activities. The university presidents, Dr. Baceledes R. Estal  highlighted the essence of being brothers and sisters in an organization.

Truly, SDSSU is not just a place where excellence belongs but also where unity resides.