Seminar-workshop final day

by: Flordeliza P. Torrico | December 06, 2017

The Seminar-workshop on Dummy Tables and Simulated Data reached its final day on July 31, 2017.

With the threeday seminar-workshop, faculties were filled with information and learnings that they may use as guide in their path as a faculty researcher. Impression from them such as “great and wonderful training” marked the success of the said training.

Dr. Maria Lady Sol A. Suazo expressed her grateful thanks to the speaker for his incomparable knowledge shared as well as to those participative and intelligent faculties who attended the seminar. Dr. Padua also reminded everyone that the goal is to produce an output for publication; hence, he stressed that the identified faculty researchers should be able to finish the entire stretch of the Training-workshop with him to 
be able to produce the intended deliverables for their respective SUCs.