Japos: What people release is the truth, you can’t fake it

by: Phebe Q. Menil | July 20, 2017

Japos: What people release is the truth, you can’t fake it

“When people get emotional, they need release, and whatever they release, that is the truth and you can’t fake it,” Dr. Genaro V. Japos, resource speaker, has stated during the first day of the threeday seminar-workshop on Qualitative Research Methodology on July 12, 2017 at the Audio-Visual Center (AVC), Surigao del Sur State Univerty (SDSSU)-Main. 

Dr. Ma. Lady Sol A. Suazo has stated the purpose of the seminar that is to gain insights; explore the depth, richness and complexities inherent to a specific phenomenon. Novice researchers need to be mentored on the elements that govern the design and implementation of qualitative research methodology. 

Dr. Jennifer Montero has introduced the resource speaker as the man who finished five doctorate degrees and a national assessor on IQUAME for Commission on Higher Education from 2004 to present. 

She added that Dr. Japos was the face behind many symposia, conferences, and others in which most of his talks centered on the management of scientific journal publications, Research Excellence Current Trends in Research, Internalization of the Philippine Higher Education Research, Scientific writing for online and printed refereed journals, quantitative and qualitative researches among others. 

During the actual seminar-workshop, Dr. Japos staged different activities wherein the participants eagerly partook. First activity is simulating interview with conversational partners, and the second is rich-detailed description of the person sitting next to the other. In the end, Dr. Japos has impregnated the participants with new insights and avalanche of information which made them look forward for their forthcoming research endeavors.