Message from Director for Libraries

Aida C. Osorio, MSLS, R.L

Aida C. Osorio, MSLS, R.L.

The SDSSU Library Management System had officially come up an Interactive Library Webpage linked from the university’s webpage. It was made possible to ensure that the SDSSU community information needs are given preference. It also aims to promote and disseminate its program through a regular announcement of its new acquisitions, resources, facilities and services, and made available to students, faculty and staff, administrators, and other stakeholders. It assures a continuous library service by bringing knowledge to its patron in all of its various and changing forms of sources. Thus, SDSSU system adopted automation.

Likewise, the provision of creating a library webpage is to let the clientele and other users have a greater access to its collection and services. Hence, the library system accepts challenges through comments and suggestions from the users for the improvement of the library management system of six (6) campuses.


The history of the university dates back to 1982 when Bukidnon State College opened their extension in Tandag known as Bukidnon External Studies Center. The book collections of the library were taken from the main campus. Ten years later, on October 10, 1992 then President Corazon C. Aquino signed into law R.A. No. 7377 converting Bukidnon State College to Surigao del Sur Polytechnic College. Then, Surigao del Sur Congressman Mario Serra Ty and Ernesto Estrella jointly authored said Act.

The creation of this learning institution integrates the first four (4) campuses namely; Cagwait School of Arts and Trade in the Municipality of Cagwait. Tago River Valley Institute of Agriculture in the Municipality of Tago, Surigao del Sur Institute of Fisheries in the Municipality of Lianga and Barobo National High School in the Municipality of Tagbina.

Eight years after, Surigao del Sur Institute of Technology (SSIT) Cantilan, Surigao del Sur was the 5th Satellite being integrated per BOT Resolution No. 34 Series of 2000.The six campuses of the college have their own library manual of operation; thus, management of each library is autonomous.

In 2007 a Unified Library Manual adapted for the six campuses as their guide in managing their libraries. Each Campus has its own library management operation system based on this manual. The libraries of the six campuses started with few collections. As years went by, the collection gradually increased. Donations of books were received and the pioneering alumni also shared their books.

When Surigao Del Sur Polytechnic State College achieved its status as a university through House Bill 4411 sponsored by the Representative of the 1st District of Surigao del Sur, Honorable Congressman Philip A. Pichay and signed into law as Republic Act 9998 on February 22, 2010, the Library fund as one of the financial resources was increased and utilized for the procurement of library materials, both print and non-print. In addition, the administration has also a budget for the library. Likewise, physical facilities of the six campus libraries were upgraded.

However, with the advent of the technology the library services are now run by computers offered by Follett software called Destiny Library Manager (DLM) installed for the six campuses. This integrated library system helps facilitates the easy and systematic access of services particularly in the technical and circulation sections.

Moreover, the Library Management System maintains its reference service through the access of information from varied digital sources (text and video/audio) introduced by the Department of Science & Technology - Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII). The database called Science and Technology Academic & Research – Based Openly Operated Kiosk Station (STARBOOKS). It is the first science digital library which contains hundreds of thousands of digitized science and technology resources in various formats and set in a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, the library explored and sustained strong linkages to add to the limited funds, thus, foundations, private colleges, and universities, local government units, and other government agencies have greatly contributed to the growth of the collection in the library.

Library Services

  • Library Orientation and Instruction.
  • Library orientation refers to helping clients feel aware of and comfortable with the facilities and the services available, with the location of collections, and with the people who serve those collections. Library instruction refers to the teaching of the users on the use of the library and its collections. This service is done during general orientation and at the beginning of the classes in coordination with the English instructors.
  • Book Search, Reservation, and Stack Service. Book Searching and Reservation of books are provided upon request particularly for graduate school students. Stack refers to old and complete issues of magazines and journals that are bound together for easy access. A school ID is needed in borrowing these materials.
  • Book Borrowing Students and faculty can borrow books and other library materials.
  • Current Awareness Services. Keep students and faculty aware of the new library resources and services through new book displays, bulletins, and others.
  • Bibliographic Service Upon Request. Listing of books and other materials on selected areas of interest is provided by the library upon request.
  • Study Carrel Service (Thesis and Dissertation)
  • Community Extension Service
  • Electronic Printing
  • Photocopying

Rules and Regulations

  • Library users: Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators and Public
  • Requirements to enter the SDSSU Library
    University Users
    • Validated Personal ID and Library Card
    • Complete School Uniform
    • Referral letter from their respective head librarian (Users from other campuses)
    Public Users
      Students, professionals, employees, civic organization members, out of school youth, may be allowed to enter the library upon presentation of I.D. or referral letters from their respective head. However, a prescribed Library Permit Fee shall be required per entry. Payment shall be made at the Cashier’s Office and the Official Receipt shall be submitted to the library for service. Strictly overnight use of library materials is not allowed.
  • Proper Library Conduct
    The following general rules are to be observed when entering the library.
    • Observe silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter, and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
    • In order not to annoy other library users, activities such as eating, sleeping, doing projects particularly for art education, accounting, engineering are strictly prohibited.
    • Keep the library clean. Don’t litter tables or floor with waste paper and others scraps. Use the wastebaskets provided for the purpose.
    • Keep things in order. Push your chair under the table when you leave the library.
    • Handle books and other materials with great care. They are intended to serve many users.
    • No student should ever commit such acts as hiding or stealing books and other library properties, nor tearing out of pages, or mutilating them.
    • Books intended for use at the reading area only, must not be taken out from the library without the proper knowledge of the circulation in-charge.
    • Bags, folders, big envelope, overcoat, umbrella, etc. should be deposited at the control counter before entering the library.
    • Return catalog trays, books, periodicals and chairs to the proper places after using them. Do not pull out catalog cards on the catalog trays.
    • Repeated violation of library rules and misconduct is a justification for the curtailment of the library privileges.
    • Proper attire. Every student should enter the library with proper a attire. No wearing of slippers, shorts, sleeveless dresses and any cap or hat.
    • Respect. Every student should respect library property as well as e each other’s right at all times. He/she should not write on n notices nor take away posted information and announcement on the Library Bulletin Board.
    • A user shall seek written permission from the head librarian one day before using the library for an arranged service.

Loan Policies

  • Every user is required to present his / her validated personal ID every time he/ she borrows books and other library materials at the loan counter.
    • He should affix his signature at the book card bearing the same title and Library ID.
    • He should not leave the counter unless all pages of books are inspected, otherwise a penalty will be imposed for torn pages upon return.
  • Library ID and the book card are properly received by the circulation in charge before leaving the area upon returning of books and other library materials.
  • Graduate students can borrow one (1) or (2) books at a time w which is good for one (1) hour use within the library only. Extension for additional hour is granted unless there is prior request by other users for the same title of books.
  • Undergraduate students can borrow one reserve book for one-hour use within the library. Extension for additional hours is granted unless there is prior request by other users for the same title of books. They may be borrowed overnight home use
  • Non-reserve book or reference book can be borrowed at two titles for home use for three days and renewable for another three days and for many times as long as there are no users requesting for the same title
  • Fiction Books (novels) can be borrowed one title at a time, anytime of the day for seven days and renewable for another seven days, and for many times as long as there are no users requesting for the same title of books.
  • Borrowing a single copy book is allowed for classroom or reportorial use on condition that borrower would secure written permission from his / her respective instructor.
  • Overnight books are allowed to be taken out from 3:00-5:00 P.M Monday to Saturday. The reserve books are to be returned the following day on or before 8:00 o’clock A.M. and on Saturdays are to be returned on Monday at 8:00 o’clock A.M.
  • A user is allowed a maximum of three (3) times overdue beyond which the borrowing privileges are suspended for a period of one month.
Faculty Member
  • A Faculty member/employee is issued a library card from the Office of every Campus Librarian to borrow books, non-books and electronic resources, provided, he/she observes the library policies, rules, and regulations.
  • A Permanent faculty member can borrow for a maximum of two (2) titles of books in every subject load relevant to the actual subjects taught in a current semester. Likewise, an approved semestral subject loads shall be submitted for official issuance of books. The borrowed books are to be returned every end of the semester for inventory purposes and can be renewed /reborrowed as long as no other users will borrow the same title of books. However, other titles like single copy books which are used as textbooks may be borrowed for overnight use at 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m. and should be returned the following day on or before 8:00a.m.

    General References such as encyclopedia/s, dictionary/ies, almanacs, atlases, handbooks and periodicals are strictly used inside the library only. Likewise, unpublished materials like theses and dissertation books are not for home use and photocopying of the same is not allowed to protect the Intellectual Property Right of the Author, per R.A. 8293, (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines). Jan 1, 1998.
  • The University library offers other services of which the faculty members /employees can avail such as photocopying, book search, bibliographic service upon request, study carrel service, and electronic printing. It also provides electronic resources such CD ROM, Internet, Databases and the Web.
  • Contractual faculty member may borrow books upon presentation of approved subject loads from the Office of the Dean, and for every borrowed title of books shall be countersigned by their respective Dean before the release. However, they can only borrow one title per subject per semester.
  • A written permission shall be secured from the office of the head librarian before the class shall be instructed for a library research as long as rules and regulations are observed.

Library Staff


College Librarian III/ Director for Libraries


Readers Services Librarian


E-Resources/Periodical/Technical Librarian


Asst. Technical Librarian


E-library Assistant/ Encoder


Office Secretary/ Encoder


Machine Operator II/ Photocopier