VOL.1,No.1  [2013]

VOL.1,No.1 [2013]

This volume of SDSSU Multidisciplinary Research Journal features research outputs in a wide range of studies. This Multidisciplinary Journal is believed a significant instrument to achieve the College Vision.

Researches included here are from the fields of Sciences, Art and Culture, Trade and Industry, Agriculture, Fisheries and Technology. SDSSU as an Academe is tasked to draw effective educational leadership of its manpower for a high-driven commitment to educational Research including Extension to push for admirable efforts bringing the school closer to the community. These underscore the crucial role the Academe plays on the scientific, technical, economic, social and cultural issues and concerns. The research outputs are prooof of quality research outputs that are locally relevant, culturally apporpriate and are addressed to common good of the people that can contribute to national growth and development.

These research results threfore can be recognized as catalysts  of economic progress and social-being not only as a primary means to acquire new information and innovative ideas in many academic fields and disciplines but as moving force to actively push for the generation of research technologies, especially those that can best harness and develop the respective resource of the faculty. This is based on the assumption that SUCs like SDSSU should be a major source of research-generated knowledge for society to use.